Funeral Supply Company Gives “Life” to Vacant Building

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

Hilton Funeral Supply is celebrating 22 years in business as they relocate to the City of Auburn Hills.  The company, with its 10 employees, recently moved into the 4,000 sq. ft. building at 2790 Auburn Road, just west of the Sunoco Gas Station.

Hilton Funeral Supply is the process of renovating the existing building at 2790 Auburn Road

Tom Patten, President of Hilton Funeral Supply, is particularly excited with the presence his company will have in this location west of Downtown Auburn Hills.  With easy highway access close by and lots of traffic, he sees potential opportunities for business expansion in the future.

This family-owned company supplies funeral homes all across Michigan and surrounding areas with a variety of items ranging from register books to mortuary equipment.  Tom talks with pride about how his company can provide almost everything to a funeral home such as chapel furniture, flower stands, candles, memorial boards, and funeral flags.  They can also develop promotional products such as pens, umbrellas, and tote bags.

While funeral supplies may not be something we think about everyday, it’s interesting the variety of businesses that find new life in the City of Auburn Hills.