What does ABB and Bon Jovi Have in Common?

Posted by – Laurie Johnson, Economic Development Coordinator

ABB is globally known for its robotics.  Business is good and they have been ramping back up with the hiring of 150 employees over the last two years, with 25 to 30 positions still available.  The company currently employs 450 people in the City of Auburn Hills.

We recently visited ABB and toured their facility at 1250 Brown Road.  During the tour, we were able to view a power washing system for parts that they developed.  The robots use water to clean the parts, not chemicals, so it’s very “green.”

A neat little story came out during our visit regarding the fame of their robots.  The rock band Bon Jovi was performing at The Palace of Auburn Hills recently and ABB was contracted to build several robots to hold screens for their performance and a platform for lead singer Jon Bon Jovi to stand upon.

Bon Jovi used the robots during their performance to have one huge picture by combining several screens, then all the screens moved apart having the same picture on them.  It was a real crowd pleaser.  Pretty cool stuff these robots from ABB are involved in at night.  So, what do ABB and Bon Jovi have in common?  Robots!

We appreciate ABB being a part of Auburn Hills and look forward to great things coming from them as they continue to venture into new fields.