You Don’t Have to Be An Olympian to Earn a Gold Medal

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

Need a break from watching the Olympics?  Had your fill of swimming, gymnastics, and beach volleyball?  Well, we would love to see you at the Auburn Hills Planning Commission meeting tonight.  The festivities start at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber at City Hall.

Although their agenda looks lengthy, we expect the Commission will move quickly – like swimming star Missy Franklin – through the following topics:

Item #1:  Backyard Chicken OrdinancePotential changes to the City’s Code allowing the raising of chickens on residential property will be finalized.  The Commission has been studying the issue since April in an effort to accommodate increased requests from citizens wishing to keep chickens in their backyard for fresh, organic eggs.  Their recommendations will be forwarded to City Council for consideration in August.

Planning Commission met with members of the Oakland County 4-H Club in May

Item #2:  Holiday Sales Lots Regulations – Discussions will begin on a potential amendment to the City’s Zoning Ordinance to allow seasonal Christmas tree and pumpkin sales lots to operate with an administrative permit.   This amendment is being reviewed as a result of the our experiences working with The River Church near Downtown Auburn Hills and their Christmas tree sales lot over the past few years.

The River Church has hosted a Christmas tree sales lot in the past with City Council approval.
Chrysler’s signs have been iconic

Item #3:  Large Format Temporary Wall Mural Regulations  – Over the past decade, a few businesses have installed large temporary signs on their buildings.  The message on the sign must pertain to the business in the building, such as a service provided or product produced.

The City’s Zoning Ordinance allows these signs to be up for 120 days.  A business may erect up to four murals per calendar year, but the maximum time allowed for all the signs installed is 240 days per year.

The potential change being considered is to allow buildings like the Chrysler Group LLC Headquarters skyscraper to utilize these temporary signs year round.

Item #4:  Auburn Road West RezoningsThe draft City-initiated rezoning applications will be reviewed and discussed.   The rezonings are intended to implement the recently approved West Auburn Road – Neighborhood Master Plan, which addresses property along both sides of Auburn Road, between I-75 and the Clinton River Bridge.  The Planning Commission is scheduled to hold a public hearing to formally review these rezonings on August 21st.

Item #5:  Y2011-2012 Planning Commission Annual Report Per State law, the Commission will formally review its past accomplishments and discuss plans and priorities for the upcoming reporting period.  We had a great year.

So, come join us.  As an incentive, my kids have designed a special Gold Medal for “Achievement in Civic Engagement” for those dedicated individuals who skip the Olympic coverage (or just DVR it) and attend the meeting.  It’s sure to be a collector’s item!

Maybe you’ll get a Gold Medal designed and created by my kids?