Astonishing Efforts, Monumental Results

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, Water Resources Coordinator

On the cold Saturday morning of September 8th, a large group of energetic volunteers gathered along the banks of the Clinton River to participate in this year’s clean up effort.  A total of 53 people participated in the project.

Two separate sites were selected.  The City of Auburn Hills coordinated activities at the first location at River Woods Park and the Skate Park.  For the second year in a row, Peninsula Plastics demonstrated its continued commitment to the community by coordinating the second site located along Auburn Court.

23 dedicated employees from Peninsula Plastic successfully removed from the river a construction barrel, tire, and 4 bags of trash filled with an assortment of trash such as food wrappers, bottles, and flip flops. This group also mustered the strength to remove a large tree that had fallen into the river causing a log jam.  Removing log jams like this is not an easy task; it takes a great deal of effort, strength, and teamwork.

The 30 enthusiastic volunteers that gathered at River Woods Park consisted of folks from the City of Auburn Hills, Genisys Credit Union, Orchard, Hiltz and McCliment (City engineers), and Oakland University’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.  A number of citizens living within the watershed also joined us.

They were up to the task of collecting all the debris that accumulated in and along the banks of the river at River Woods Park and the monumental task of removing one major log jam located at the Skate Park.  The pile of wood from the jam when stacked on land measured six feet high, 48 feet long, and 15 feet wide.  Pretty amazing!

These volunteers also removed over 30 bags of garbage, six tires, car parts, tractor parts, cinder blocks, and other construction material from the river.

On behalf of the City of Auburn Hills and the growing number of citizens in the region who fish, kayak, and canoe the Clinton River, we wish to thank you for taking the time on a Saturday morning to do this.  Your efforts are much appreciated.