All Aboard the “Semiconductor”

Posted by – Laurie Renaud, Economic Development Coordinator

We are very fortunate to have so many outstanding R&D companies in the City of Auburn Hills.  One of them is a Japanese-based company named Rigaku Innovative Technologies, Inc. (RIT).  They built their 51,300 sq. ft. facility at 1900 Taylor Road back in 2001 and are looking forward to growing here.

Rigaku Innovative Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the semiconductor industry
Rigaku Innovative Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the semiconductor industry

Originally founded in 1985 as Osmic, Inc by scientist and inventor Dr. Stan Ovshinsky, RIT is now a world leader in the design and manufacturing of tools for X-ray spectrometry and diffraction, X-ray optics, as well as semiconductor metrology.  Their products are used in a variety of applications such as automobiles, computers, construction, farming, and medicine.

An interesting aspect of RIT is that they also develop pharmaceutical products using their X-ray technology, which has led to new medicines for treating diabetes, cancer, and AIDS.  Amazing!

Walking through their building is like being transported into Einstein’s lab.  You can feel the energy of great minds at work.  The fun part of our job is that we get to meet and chat with these scientists and learn about their phenomenal research.


We are very proud that Rigaku Innovative Technologies, Inc. has chosen to grow their business with us.  They help frame Auburn Hills’ place in the world as a R&D powerhouse and hub of innovation.

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