Valentine’s Day … When Was That?

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

dog-houseMy late dad, Al, was a major league cheapskate.  There wasn’t a coupon, sale, or rebate that he missed.  He’d drive 10 miles out of his way to save two cents on a gallon of gas.  But he worked hard and took care of me and my six siblings and, especially, our mom.

When Valentine’s Day rolled around every year, he still couldn’t shake his saving ways.  He just couldn’t pay the full (usually inflated) price for the candy that he would give my mom every year.  Instead, he would wait until the day after Valentine’s Day and buy a discounted box of goodies.  Mom knew this, understood him, and loved him anyway.

Kids, don’t try this at home.  Your sweetie isn’t going to let you get away with day-old treats.  And, if by chance you had left the planet or have been living under a very large rock and you somehow forgot to get her something for that special day, there’s only one way out of the doghouse … jewelry!

Luckily, in the City of Auburn Hills there’s a wide variety of stores where you can get back in her good graces.  They include:

In addition, all the big stores along Brown Road – Target, Meijer, Costco, and Sam’s Club – have individual jewelry departments with plenty of choices.

So, remember, to get out of Sing-Sing, the bling is the thing.

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