A Game Changer For Downtown Auburn Hills

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

It was over a year in the making.

Last night, the City Council approved a multi-generational housing development called The Parkways.  This innovative project will serve as the new eastern gateway to Downtown Auburn Hills.  It’s the beginning of what City leaders foresee will be great things to come.

General Location of The Parkways
General Location of The Parkways

The Parkways will consist of 76 townhouse units, 72 stacked flat units, and a three-story 160 unit congregate senior care complex situated along a new public boulevard.  The property is located just west of Adams Road, south of the Forester Square Condominiums.   This new public road will eventually extend to Squirrel Road and Downtown Auburn Hills as future development continues west.  Once completed, The Parkways is projected to have a market value of $75 million.  The first phase is set to begin next Spring.

It was hard, complex work to get this far.  “Outside of the box” projects like this are never easy.  It took a large team of experts from the City and the Developer to work through a myriad of design issues ranging from fire fighting access to road placement.

It’s an outstanding project.  No doubt, it will be a game changer for Downtown Auburn Hills.

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