The Bridge to Somewhere

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

During the 2008 presidential election there was a certain amount of controversy regarding a bridge proposed in Alaska that was to receive federal funding.  This bridge became known as “The Bridge to Nowhere.”  Its funding was turned down and it was never built.

photo 1

Auburn Hills, on the other hand, knows how to get a bridge done.  Last year, the DPS became aware that Rochester Hills was going to get rid of a small pedestrian bridge that was over the Clinton River at Livernois and Avon.  The city purchased the bridge for a dollar and some additional expense for crane work and transport.  The bridge was then put in place by DPS personnel over a branch of Galloway Creek in Civic Center Park.  The bridge now serves as an easy way to get from the Athletic Field to the park.

photo 2

Now that the weather is (hopefully) improving, a short stroll in the park could be on your list.  Take the path behind the Community Center and soon you’ll come across Auburn Hills’ very own “Bridge to Somewhere.”  Another job well done by our DPW and a great example of thinking outside the box by Auburn Hills leaders.