Working to Get Better

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

What are your core values?  Every successful person and organization has guiding principles which shape them.  We’re lucky to have excellent leadership from our Mayor, City Council, and City Manager who have set clear direction on how City staff should administratively operate.

A number of us at the City have informally adopted some core values that are intended to help make Auburn Hills a better place.   Our team met this morning to discuss how to better serve our leaders and the public.  We thought it would be good to share these ideals.


1.   Customer Service.  We strive to serve people both within and outside our organization.  It’s important to provide the best possible experience for others.  We look at how great companies like Disney, Apple, Southwest Airlines, Four Seasons Hotels, and Nordstrom treat their customers and in turn work to do the same.

We intentionally work to:

  • Foster relationships
  • Go above and beyond
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Be prompt
  • Always innovate

2.  Excellence.   Have a can do attitude!   Deliver municipal services in a way that meets and exceed people’s expectations.

3.  Team Chemistry.  Take care of each other in our respective Departments, take care of others in the organization, take care of our leaders on the City Council and public boards.  Honor them, serve them.

Sometimes we fall short of these ideals, but we always strive to do well and represent the people of Auburn Hills with distinction.   It’s important for us to leave a legacy and make a difference … and that’s what we plan to do.