The Auburn Hills Road Show Stops at Faurecia

Last week, the inaugural Auburn Hills Road show made its first stop at Faurecia, who recently opened their new North American Headquarters and Seating Technical Center here in Auburn Hills. The Road Show is something staff has wanted to do for quite some time and the opening of Faurecia put our planning into high gear.

IMG_9987 IMG_1820

The Road Show gives us the opportunity to interact with employees of a company and let them know about the City’s services, programming and events. Departments that have direct contact with the public all had a table at Faurecia. They showcased what the department’s role in the City was, gave out information about certain programs and events and visitors even got a few tokens of our appreciation, welcoming them to Auburn Hills. Faurecia has approximately 700 employees working in their new facility, some of them new to the area. So it was the perfect time for us to visit their facility and let them know all about Auburn Hills!

Staff plans to visit sites three to four times a year as part of our community relations and outreach services.

Our Management Assistant Sam Mariuz deserves big kudos for orchestrating such a successful first event! She pulled together all the departments and resources to make sure that Auburn Hills was well represented.

IMG_1846 IMG_1836

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