Welcome to the Inside Auburn Hills Blog

Like every organization, we are changing with the times, and our Blog is no exception. The vast majority of our prior blogging was produced out of the City Manager’s office. Our new blog is a collaboration across our organization. It includes contributions from our staff at all levels and will provide readers with more of a flavor of what goes on in the various departments that serve the community. We are planning that once every week our Community Development Department will contribute by way of an update on topics related to business recruitment, retention and expansion, along with other economic development stories and initiatives. You can also visit their department blog at auburnhillsdevelopment.com.

Two other days per week, we will be rotating the blog through various departments. Some of the things we will blog about will be time sensitive and will appear when they are most appropriate to inform people of upcoming events or deadlines. Other stories will be those that are simply things we want to share with you and are of interest to the staff and the greater community.  If you’re reading our blog for the first time, we welcome you to our blog. If you’re returning to our blog, welcome back.

Thomas A. Tanghe, Acting City Manager

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