Team Effort Helps Opdyke Dome “Evolve”

April 13th was a real tough day for Randy Stephens, owner of Evolution Sportsplex.

After the collapse

Randy’s investment, that he acquired just two years earlier at 141 S. Opdyke Road, literally burst at its seams when high winds took down the 70 foot tall, 72,000 sq. ft. dome in a matter of minutes (click here to read the Oakland Press story on the collapse).  His operations have been at a standstill ever since … an eternity for a small business owner.

Understanding that this shut down and loss of revenue has been absolutely devastating for Randy, the City of Auburn Hills worked proactively and fast to help him obtain new permits and heal old wounds with his neighbors.  We’re very happy to report that a new and improved dome will soon be constructed over the next two months.  Because we all worked together as a community, Randy will reopen by early November just in time for the winter training season.

Before the collapse

Evolution Sportsplex plans to “evolve” and restructure its operations to focus on just being an indoor practice facility for area sports teams (e.g. golf, soccer, lacrosse, softball, football, etc.).  The 30-year old outdoor driving range currently located on the site, along with its associated 80 foot tall poles and torn nets, will be removed in sections over the next few days much to the delight of the neighbors.

The facility before the collapse

This is a tremendous win for everyone involved and another success story for the City of Auburn Hills.  Can’t wait for the grand re-opening.


Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

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