Why Should I Do Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient system of health and well-being that has been around for thousands of years. Yoga is becoming increasingly popular these days, and it is easy to see wherever you look there are new yoga studios popping up. Did you know we offer yoga classes at the Auburn Hills Community Center?

There are many styles of yoga from hot yoga to chair yoga, and it is important to find the style and teacher that are right for you. The classes we offer at our community center are a variety of basic classes that give you an opportunity to learn more about yoga, but more importantly it is your chance to learn more about you. As a teacher, each day I meet so many people who are knowledgeable and experienced in many areas. Yoga asks us to focus within and to become knowledgeable about ourselves. Moving towards our center; becoming intimate with our breath, learning about how our body moves and supports itself, how the muscles help us to move and to accomplish our daily activities – these are some of the greatest benefits of yoga. Many people come to yoga practice with specific goals in mind, such as recovering from an injury, learning to relax, becoming more flexible, improving balance, and even weight loss. Possibilities that once seemed unreachable become possible when we connect with ourselves on a regular basis. Yoga is a practice, and therefore it is not a quick fix like a pill or surgery.


The benefits of yoga practice I have experienced and witnessed as a yoga teacher are many more than I can list here. People who practice yoga learn patience, gain compassion and awareness, improve balance, boost self-confidence, and gain flexibility and strength. Yoga helps us to release tension and stress, and helps to replace tension with a sense of well-being. Yoga practice can assist in recovering from injuries and can even help us to prevent injury. Following a practice, we notice our mind is more quiet and peaceful. This feeling of peace spills over into other aspects of our lives, improves our outlook, and strengthens our immune system. Yoga offers us a rare opportunity to slow down from our frantic pace, stop competing, and just listen to our body and feel positive about ourselves.

Register online at www.auburnhills.org, or visit and register in-person at the Community Center, Monday – Friday, 8AM-9PM & Saturdays, 10AM-9PM. If you have questions, call 248 370-9353.

Lisa Calice, Yoga Instructor, Auburn Hills Community Center

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