Ditto … Thank You! Thank You!

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, Assistant City Planner

On the sun-filled Saturday morning of September 20th, a small band of 10 volunteers worked together to improve the conditions of the half mile stretch of the Clinton River from River Woods Park to the Skate Park, along with a smaller segment flowing along Riverside Park.


Additional clean-up efforts were made by two of the day’s youngest volunteers and their mother in and around the picnic and play area at River Woods Park.


The labors of this dedicated bunch resulted in the removal of ten bags of garbage; the clearing of many branches, limbs, two wooden pallets, a bike frame, and an assortment other debris.


In addition to improving the environment, the time, sweat and efforts put in that day helped improve the quality of life for the entire community.  This was no better demonstrated than when a pair of kayakers paddled by during the event and said … “Thank You!, Thank You!”  They were very appreciative of everyone’s efforts and dedication to keeping the Clinton River clean.


So, the City of Auburn Hills wishes to also say a heart-felt thank you to these hard-working clean-up volunteers.  We’re very grateful for their efforts and service.