A Beautiful Celebration

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

Beautification is an integral part of a vital community.  It’s what strengthens a neighborhoods’ integrity and makes public spaces inviting and comfortable.  It defines a community and draws people in.


The City’s Beautification Advisory Commission (BAC) honored 88 residents and businesses last week for their exceptional beautification efforts.  These honorees enjoyed dinner and received an award along with gifts including fresh flowers, mum plants, and a book as a thank you for making their properties look attractive.


The event gave residents and business representatives a chance to mingle together and meet City leaders including new City Manager Tom Tanghe and VeRonica Mitchell, Henry Knight, and Maureen Hammond of the Auburn Hills City Council.


The BAC would like to thank everyone involved in the event and would encourage the participation of all residents and businesses in next year’s program.  Together, we make the City of Auburn Hills not only a beautiful place we enjoy but a sought after destination that encourages growth and development.


Happy planting!