Reintroducing Auburn Hills Downtown Development Authority

In 1983, Auburn Hills (formerly Pontiac Charter Township) adopted an ordinance that created a Downtown Development Authority (DDA). The Authority was never fully implemented or utilized to its full potential. Auburn Hills has since decided to amend the boundaries and reinstate the DDA because of the great benefit it holds to our citizens and the vitality of our community.

Auburn Hills DDA is designed to be a catalyst in the development of our community’s Downtown District. It provides a mechanism which funds can be used for public improvement projects within the district. Below is a map of the newly expanded boundaries of the Auburn Hills DDA. The boundaries were strategically established to help promote further development of the core downtown district and allow for a greater expansion of walkable features including commercial residential, mixed use developments as well as new businesses.


The financing mechanism of a DDA allows for the capture of incremental growth of local property taxes as well as taxes that would have otherwise been paid to other entities. Over a period of time, the funds can be applied to public infrastructure improvements in the targeted area. Through the increased tax capture, the DDA has the ability to finance large-scale projects, leading to greater development opportunities in Downtown.

In addition to the financing mechanism, the structure of the DDA results in the creation of a public board solely dedicated to the improvement of Downtown. Auburn Hills DDA Board is an independent authority that is established for the purposes of planning, organizing and financing projects that will continue to revitalize and redevelop Downtown Auburn Hills. Members work to assure the long-term economic stability of the Downtown by maintaining the character of our beautiful Downtown and supporting the fundamentals that assure Auburn Hills is a great place to live, work, play, invest and do business. Everyone works together to attract business Downtown and provide technical support to guarantee that businesses achieve their full potential. Board members actively market Downtown and work to strengthen relationships between business and residential communities for the benefit of the entire City. Promotion and marketing creates an excitement for Downtown. Special events and community engagement encourage walkable traffic in Downtown and draw attention to the area.


Furthermore, Auburn Hills has also created a Citizens Advisory Council. The Advisory Council works with the DDA Board in establishing the Tax Increment Financing and Development Plans. The plan provides the framework and overall mission of the DDA. It guides all future projects and planning of Downtown. The primary purpose of the Advisory Council is to provide thoughtful advice through advocating from a citizen’s perspective. Activities of the Advisory Council may include a study of critical issues, hearing public testimony, independent research, as well as reviewing staff reports and recommendations. All activities are intended so the Advisory Council is prepared to discuss, and formulate, well-developed, thoughtful recommendations about the Tax Increment Financing and Development Plan to the City Council.

The City of Auburn Hills is pleased to announce our newest Board Members! We greatly look forward to all of the wonderful projects we foresee in the future of Downtown Auburn Hills.

Auburn Hills Downtown Development Authority

Mayor Kevin McDaniel

Denise Asker

Kathy Genautis

Dan Gliniecki

Nathan Spurlin

Albert Travnikar

Steven Volk

John Young

Auburn Hills Citizen’s Advisory Board

Denise Audet

Eric Cionka

Andrew Govan

Troy Leix

Mark Shaftner

Elizabeth Tomlinson

Robert Waltenspiel

Dawn Wise

Randy Wyatt

Sam Mariuz, Management Assistant

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