Make a Difference Day

October 24th was “Make A Difference” day.  For me, Volunteer Coordinator at the City of Auburn Hills, it is like a national holiday.  All over the country people were helping others out.  Auburn Hills did not disappoint.  We had volunteers providing Meals on Wheels to Seniors in our City, volunteers helping out at the Police Department, and over 80 volunteers participated in our Rake and Run event.  We had volunteers from Chrysler and Oakland University rake 8 yards for senior citizens in Auburn Hills.  We have more groups that will be doing this event at later dates, as well.  Our volunteers raked up over 225 bags of leaves.  It was great to see the caravans of cars that traveled with eager volunteers go to homes and help out and then travel to the next house.  I was fortunate enough to speak to some of the residents who were served and they were very thankful for all the help.  I was reminded yet again that Auburn Hills is a great place to live and engine[1]

Paige Baranyai, Volunteer Coordinator

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