When Do You Know You Have a Really Great Team?

In the workplace, the word Team gets thrown around a lot.  But I suppose it’s fair to say that there are several types of Team’s.  You could describe one as being a Bad Team, a Dysfunctional Team, a Great Team, a Mediocre Team, etc.  But when do you really know you have a great Team?  I have long thought we had a great Team, but now it’s confirmed. 

Early Sunday morning, I received a telephone call at home from our Senior Services Director, Karen Adcock.  Karen calmly, but sadly, informed me that a pipe had burst in the Community Center and the entire place was flooded.  Ceilings were on the floor, furniture and fixtures were soaked, and work product was saturated on desks.  I rushed to the Community Center and by the time I got there, there were already a number of staff on location.  Community Center staff began to arrive as did members of the Department of Public Works.  Individuals from all levels of our organization began arriving.  Our Community Relations Manager began media releases and website postings about the closure of the building. Community Center staff began notifying building patrons.  Our Assistant City Manager began prepping vacant offices and workstations back at City Hall to welcome Community Center staff to temporary quarters in City Hall.  DPW employees, supervisors and managers began moving furniture.  And a restoration company began extracting the water.  Soon, the Police Chief arrived on scene to evaluate the situation and provide support from the Police Department, and the Mayor came by and spent quite a bit of time touring the facility and to thank everyone who dropped everything on this Sunday to come to work to help.

Today, we begin the process of getting life back in order at the Community Center.  No doubt it will be closed for a period of days, but we will be working diligently to re-open as soon as possible.  Reality will set in as we begin to learn just how much has to be done.  From various locations, we will continue the most essential services such as the Meals on Wheels and our Senior Transportation.

From the businesses in Auburn Hills who have already reached out to us to offer meeting and event space, to the Citizens who posted Facebook messages about wanting to come help, we can’t thank you enough.  Once everything is positively safe and secure, we may take some volunteers up on their offer to help.

As City Manager, I want to say Thanks Employees A Million!  We have a really great TEAM!

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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