Crystal Palace Open For Business

Posted by – Darren Darge, Code Enforcement Officer

A new Palace has opened in Auburn Hills.  Located at 2255 E. Walton, at the intersection of Walton and N. Opdyke, you’ll find the new Crystal Palace Gas Station and Convenience Store.


Proud owner, Steve Qarana is also the owner of Harry’s Market which is located right across the street.  The old Harry’s Market building is being scheduled for demolition now that the new store is open.  The new “Palace” offers the same large variety of beverages and snacks, but in a very nice new store which is also a Shell gas station.


Stop in and see the themed décor that is based off The Palace of Auburn Hills with a large basketball hoop and TV screens designed to look like the scoreboard.  Congratulations Mr. Qarana.  We’re happy to have your new state-of-the-art store open in the City of Auburn Hills.