Promoting From Within

For every City Manager, the day-to-day job includes the analysis of competing priorities from many constituent groups.  These groups can be citizens, the business community, other units of government, staff, and elected officials.  So let’s just say that each day ???????can be challenging, but challenging should not to be interpreted as a negative.  Challenging is what makes the job interesting and rewarding, and working through the competing priorities to formulate solutions for the greater good of the community, through the creation of good public policy, is truly the greatest reward.  One of the aspects of the job that can have the most gratification is being able to watch individual employees develop and become more significant contributors to the organization.  In our environment, training is constant.  Rules, regulations and procedures are always changing and evolving and our staff must keep up with all of these changes.  Of course the challenge in all of that is making sure that the right people are in the right role, and each person you’re developing has the opportunity to succeed and has indeed, actually succeeded.  And when they do, the greatest reward for a City Manager is provide these successful employees with promotions.  Because our organization is not very large (we have 170 full time employees), promotions are limited.  So when the opportunity arises to promote from within, given the proven success of the employee being considered, it’s a real privilege. 

As 2014 came to a close, we had a few long-serving employees retire.  This provided opportunities for other employees who have been working on their development plans, to be considered for promotion.  Through higher education experiences, on-the-job successes and achievements, ongoing attendance at seminars, workshops and conferences, and a continuous commitment to the organization they serve, I am pleased to have been able to award promotions.

So, congratulations go out as follows:

James Manning, formerly our Deputy Director of Emergency Management/Fire, promoted January 1, 2015 to Fire Chief

Kathleen Novak, formerly Records Retention Clerk, promoted January 1, 2015 to Deputy City Clerk

Michelle Schulz, formerly our Deputy Finance Director, promoted January 1, 2015 to Finance Director

Kimberly Wickenheiser, formerly an Accountant, promoted January 12, 2015 to Deputy Finance Director

We are proud of the accomplishments of each of these individuals and how they contribute to the collective success of Auburn Hills.  Please join me as we recognize them for their career achievements.  They will do great things for the community.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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