A New Scene for Studying

It’s hard to believe that midterms are already upon the thousands of college students who attend classes in Auburn Hills.

IMG_2262There is a lot of research surrounding how different study environments alter learning outcomes and can serve as a catalyst for student productivity. Creating an effective study environment is highly individualized. What’s right for you, may not be right for a friend or classmate. It is important for everyone to designate a special place to study – a “home base,” if you will. It should be uncluttered and provide few distractions allowing for maximum concentration. Having a regular place where you study will help reinforce your self-discipline and even improve your memory.

Sometimes, the nature of the learning task can also dictate a particular study environment. For instance, if you are working on an assignment that requires memorization, you may want to study alone for a while and then partner up with a friend and quiz each other as part of a recall drill. Whereas with problem-solving, working in a larger group may be more beneficial to talk through the issues at hand.

Auburn Hills has created a study lounge for students of all ages to enjoy. The DEN is nestled in the heart of Downtown Auburn Hills and boasts a space that is true to the City’s motto, “Honoring the Past, Building the Future.” The structure is a 1,546-square-foot renovated historic log cabin complete with two fire places and plenty of space to meet the needs of all students. When people ask about The DEN I describe it as not quite a coffee shop but not quite a Library either. It is its own distinctive space offering the casual feel of a coffee shop, combined with the calm of a library.IMG_4076

The DEN Building Attendant, Lisa Zelenak also speaks highly about the study environment. “The DEN offers a comfortable, yet productive atmosphere to work in. We have five unique spaces conducive to individual or group study. Whether you prefer to study at a table or on the couch, and next to a television or near a warm fireplace, The DEN has space for you,” she says

Come check out The DEN, and perhaps it will become your new “home base” for studying! We are at 3388 Auburn Road in Downtown Auburn Hills and open Monday-Friday 4:00pm-12:00am and Saturday-Sunday 2:00pm-12:00am. It is free to use, including its wireless internet. You can drop in anytime during business hours without advance reservations. Parking is free, well lighted and adjacent to the building. By the way, we brew coffee each night starting at 9:00pm and provide it to our patrons for free to help keep the energy level high!

Sam Mariuz, Management Assistant

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