PECO Has The Solution For Our Dirty Cars

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

This cold winter weather has been really rough.  It takes a toll, especially on our cars.  Experts say the excess dirt and salt on the roads can lead to damage and corrosion if left sitting on the surface of vehicles.  So, we should get them washed often this time of the year.

Hey, next time you venture out to the car wash, check and see if you can find the name “PECO” on the equipment.  I know it sounds a little nerdy … but look for it.  There’s a good chance the inside components of your local car wash were designed and built right here in the City of Auburn Hills.

The acronym PECO is short for their former name "Pacesetter Equipment Company"
The acronym PECO is short for their former name “Pacesetter Equipment Company”

Since 1998, the world headquarters for PECO Car Wash Systems has been located at 244 Rex Boulevard.  PECO has been designing and manufacturing conveyorized car wash equipment for more than 40 years.  Coupled with a unique product line, PECO utilizes a hybrid method for vehicle cleaning.  Their hybrid wash system cleans with the combination of soft cloth and high pressure providing an overall effectiveness not obtainable with any other car wash system.

So, it’s fitting that Auburn Hills – the epicenter of automotive R&D – hosts the people who design and manufacture solutions that keep our vehicles clean.  That’s pretty cool.