Protect Your Investment With A Permit

Posted by – Rick Oberlin, Building Inspector

Do I need a Building Permit?  This is a question we’re asked almost every day and a question we welcome.   It is at this point that we can help homeowners start off on the right foot.  One of the hardest parts of an inspector’s job is when a project begins without a thorough plan review, permit and the required inspections.  Errors can be caught during the plan review process which is completed before a permit is ever issued, saving the homeowner time and ultimately money.

Save time and money by doing it right.
Save time and money by doing it right.

Below I have listed some of the most important reasons why you should apply for required permits.

  • Permits are the best way to make sure your contractor is completing your project to the building code minimum standards and that no corners are being cut.
  • As a do-it-yourself homeowner we can help guide you through the project, starting with a plan review to make sure it complies with the code.
  • Insurance companies may not pay a claim if someone is injured on or by something that was completed without the proper permits and inspections.
  • Permits can help when you are selling your home.  In some cases when selling your home, you are required to sign a Property Disclosure Statement in which you have to reveal any problems with the home.  Having the proper permits and inspections can only help with this process.
  • When your contractor submits the permit application, we make sure their state license is up-to-date.
  • If you have hired a licensed contractor, make sure the permit is posted on your property before the work begins.

If you are not sure a permit is required, contact us.  Like I said at the beginning, we welcome that call.  (248) 364-6900.