Commercial Vehicle Parking In Residential Areas

Posted by – Darren Darge, Code Enforcement Officer

As Code Enforcement staff patrols the City, commercial vehicles parked in residential areas are monitored closely.  The effort to enforce our commercial vehicle ordinance in residential areas is not intended to inconvenience residents, but rather to protect and maintain neighborhood integrity.

The ordinance below provides a clear outline of what is allowed and what is not in residential districts.

SECTION 1813. – 1. Commercial Vehicles and Equipment:

A person may park a commercial vehicle in a residential zoned district as an accessory use, subject to the following conditions:

  •  The vehicle is used as the principal means of transportation of a resident of the dwelling which is necessarily used in their employment, business or profession or as the resident’s sole means of motor vehicle transportation.
  • The vehicle is not a dump truck, stake truck, flatbed truck, wrecker, semi-tractor, tank truck or any type of contracting equipment or trailer.

stake truck

  • The vehicle does not exceed nine (9) feet in overall height measured from the ground or exceed twenty-one (21) feet in length.
  • The vehicle has no outside brackets, holders or open racks which provide the main cargo-carrying capacity, such as lumber, tools, pipes, glass or any type of extending materials, including, but not limited to, ladders. The existence of a utility box on a vehicle will not cause such a vehicle to fall within the prohibition of this subsection.

Cube Van w ladder racks

  • The vehicle has a single rear axle.

Of course, violation of the ordinance may occur due to extenuating circumstances which can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but blatant violation of the ordinance will be enforced to the allowable legal guidelines.

Please contact Code Enforcement staff at 248-364-6900 for clarification of this ordinance or to report a violation in your neighborhood.