Avoid The Green Stickers

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

It’s getting to be that time of year again when at long last the snow is gone and the grass is starting to green up.  It’s also getting to be the time (May 1st through October 15th to be exact) that the City’s Weed Abatement Program is in effect.

Grass Violation stickers are posted on or near the front door of residential properties
Grass Violation stickers are posted

Ordinance 78-28 declares grass on residential lawns longer than eight inches to be a nuisance and gives the City the power to trim it.  The process includes the City affixing a green grass violation sticker on the door of the residence in question advising the occupant that the grass must be cut within 72 hours.

For vacant lots, a notice is mailed giving 10 days to comply.  This length of time is due to the delivery time needed for snail mail.  These notices will only be issued once a year at a particular location.  Additional violations found during the season will be cut by the City without further notice.

Generally, the residents or owners cut the grass within the time allotted.  Last year the compliance rate was about 75%.  However, if the grass doesn’t get cut, the location is placed on a list and given to our City contractor for cutting.

Most of the violations are observed by Code Enforcement Officers during their daily rounds through the neighborhoods.  But many come from complaints by citizens.  If you see an unkempt lawn over eight inches in length, please feel free to call Code Enforcement at 248-364-6934 and let us know.

By working together we can keep Auburn Hills green, not overgrown.