The Anti-Germ Superhero

Posted by:  Stephanie Carroll, Manager of Business Development & Community Relations


You may be asking yourself, what is this thing?  Kinda looks like R2-D2 or some other fancy robot.  Meet IRiS, the Intelligent Room Sterilization System.

On Tuesday, staff made a site visit to Infection Prevention Technologies (IPT) located at 1090 Doris Road.  I am always amazed at the high level of technology some of our companies have developed and what industries they serve.  Auburn Hills is composed of a lot of automotive suppliers, so it’s always cool to meet with companies who are considered non-automotive.

Infection Prevention Technologies, LLC (IPT) was formed in 2009, after the decline of the automotive industry.  Originally, the company started as an automotive diagnostic equipment manufacturer and in order to keep the company alive and profitable, IPT diversified into the medical industry and have found success with their ultraviolet light disinfecting equipment.

If you’ve ever stayed in a hospital, your room has probably been cleaned with a device like IRiS.  It’s probably not something we even give much thought to, we just assume the room has been cleaned to required standards.  We’ve all heard that patients can acquire an additional infection while staying in the hospital, which is a scary thought.  The good news is that technology exists to help dramatically decrease those odds.

This interesting piece of equipment emits UV-C rays that destroy microorganisms on direct and indirect surfaces, even behind equipment.  IRiS can treat and disinfect a patient room in about 14 minutes.  Even though this treatment is chemical-free, people cannot be in the room when the device is turned on.  There are several safety features that assist the user that can automatically turn off the machine to prevent inadvertent exposure to UV-C.

Our group got to see IRiS in action and we watched her treat the room we were meeting in from outside.  This intelligent system, has special sensing technology that automatically determines the proper UV-C dose for any room.  Pretty cool, right? The room even smelled super clean when we returned to gather our things.   IPT is hoping to get into other areas such as schools, day-cares and gyms.

This type of technology will soon meet the standardized method for measuring and reporting environmental cleaning practices.  IPT is ready to meet the demands of the market and are working to ensure that their system is effective and efficient for combating multi-drug resistant pathogens.