May Means More Than Flowers

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

The month of May is when the City’s Grass and Weed Abatement program kicks in; specifically after May 15th.  Due to the nice spring we’ve enjoyed so far, with its sunny days and abundant rain, the grass within Auburn Hills has been growing like … well, like grass.

grass may 2015

The best part of the program is to see just how many citizens, both resident and business, comply with the Ordinance without ever having to be notified.  They just do it because it’s the right thing.  However, when citizens do have to be notified that their grass is too long, something else kicks in.  Out of nearly 130 violation notices given out, either by letter or door sticker, only 14 residences and three large vacant lots had to be cut in May.  That is an incredible compliance rate.

May has always been the busiest month of the program (which ends October 15th) so it stands to reason that this is going to be good year of compliance by citizens and businesses.  You really cut the mustard, Auburn Hills.  (And the grass…)