New Water Partnership

Posted by – Stephanie Carroll, Manager of Business Development & Community Relations

More and more often, local governments are joining efforts to leverage capabilities and resources to save money and avoid duplication of services.   In an effort to address challenges that communities are facing with regards to local water systems and to increase efficiencies through intergovernmental cooperation, the North Oakland County Water Authority (NOCWA) was created.

Over the past several years, the communities of Auburn Hills, along with Rochester Hills, Orion Township, Pontiac and the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office joined together to look at reliability and sustainability of the local water systems and to address issues without additional costs.  The goals of this partnership include water pressure increases, reduced energy costs and approximately $3.8 million in savings.

waterSince 2007, the Michigan Municipal League has been recognizing communities across Michigan for their innovation and collaboration.  The Community Excellence Award (CEA) has been the League’s most prestigious community award.  A new and exciting part of the CEA process for 2015 is on-line voting.  Residents and businesses can show their pride and support for community initiatives by voting at

The NOCWA collaboration is a wonderful example of how working together can provide tremendous benefits to communities.