And The Award Goes To…

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

Creating beautiful landscaping is no easy task.  Whether you’re a green-thumb gardener or a backyard beginner, gardening takes considerable time, money and effort.

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The Auburn Hills Beautification Advisory Commission (BAC) understands the dedication it takes to create and maintain beautiful surroundings for our homes and businesses and they honor that effort through the City’s  Beautification Awards Program.  Nominations are now being accepted for a 2015 Beautification Award.

brick house
Lush landscapes throughout the City help preserve neighborhood integrity and create an enviable environment for business

Up to 80 residential and commercial properties are selected as winners and those residents or representatives are invited to participate in the Beautification Awards Dinner, held at the Auburn Hills Community Center in late September.

The BAC invites you to nominate a neighbor, a business or even your own property!  To submit your nomination send an email to or call 248.364.6946.  No photos please!  Entries will be accepted until July 12, 2015.