What An Adventure!

Posted by – Stephanie Carroll, Manager of Business Development & Community Relations

Each year since 2008, Auburn Hills has offered its employees the opportunity to experience Auburn Hills University (AHU). AHU is an internal program that allows employees, new and seasoned, a chance to understand the entire organization and how it operates.

Auburn Hills University - Class of 2015
Auburn Hills University – Class of 2015

From the Fire Department to the Clerk’s Office, this program allows us to provide better customer service to our citizens and creates stronger relationships among fellow employees.  The class meets once a month for five months to learn what other departments do to bring value to the organization.


On Wednesday, the class visited the Auburn Hills campus of OCC to take part in their outdoor adventure challenge training program.  This team building course presents teams with a series of problem-solving tasks.  Participants work together and share ideas to successfully complete each challenge.  The program enables teams to work on their interpersonal communication skills.  We had a great time!

Our instructor Hans conducted a debriefing and asked participants to talk about what they learned most from the morning at OCC.  The three themes that kept being repeated were trust, communication and leadership.

This was a wonderful experience for our group.  It was a great opportunity for employees to come together outside of the office and focus on team development.