Containing An Issue

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

We have found that it’s almost impossible for a community to write laws to protect against every obscure scenario.  However, sometimes the City has to take action to make its collective standards crystal clear.

On July 27th, the City Council is set to review an amendment to Zoning Ordinance that states the position of the City of Auburn Hills that it’s not appropriate to locate metal shipping containers or other similar prefabricated items (i.e., bus bodies and railroad cars) on residential properties due to their large size and unsightly appearance.

Metal containers should not be permanately located on residential property
Metal containers should not be permanently located on residential property

Why?  The genesis of this amendment was a code enforcement case that involved a property owner utilizing a large metal container, typically placed on a tractor trailer or cargo ship, as a shed in his rear yard.  The City was recently successful in legal proceedings to have the container removed.

Protecting our neighborhoods from blight is paramount.  This new law will affirm the City’s goals and prohibit items that have an industrial appearance from residential areas.  This should clear up and contain the issue.