DDA Visions and Goals for Downtown Auburn Hills

With the Auburn Hills Downtown Development Authority now officially in place, the Board of Directors worked hard at their June meeting to formulate and prioritize goals for Downtown Auburn Hills.  Goals help guide the vision and mission of Downtown – they clarify, drive, focus, and hold us accountable.  Here is the list the directors created:

Goals for Downtown Auburn Hills

  • Encourage events within Downtown in ways that create community excitement through increasing involvement and public ownership of the events and nightlife.
  • Improve the overall business climate of the DDA District through planning, promotion and strategic coordination of activities and implementation of improvement projects.
  • Improve wayfinding in Downtown Auburn Hills for both foot traffic as well as automobiles.  Establish Downtown as a destination through enhanced signage and branding.
  • Provide a diversity of experiences and views that will appeal to all ages of the permanent community, business community, college community and visitors.
  • Accommodate mixed uses within the DDA district to continue the retail and residential component and create a continuum of activity to the east and west of the core downtown as driven by developer demand.
  • Establish facility designs that reflect the character of Downtown and promote compatibility between new and existing developments
  • Link the DDA District with the river and the park systems through walkable, pedestrian friendly and green space enhancements.
  • Foster cooperation between the DDA, TIFA Board, City staff and officials, residents and our partners at Oakland County, including the Main Street Oakland County downtown program.
  • Establish reasonable development opportunities and attract a variety of both public and private interests.

In addition to the devised goals, the DDA board also discussed ways to increase corporate involvement, advocate for the Downtown and generate excitement about anchor locations for restaurants and boutiques, as well as they deliberated ways we can assist businesses to help them thrive in our community.  Ideas were conversed regarding different types of events and promotions that the DDA could host, designing a Downtown specific website and newsletter.

Needless to say, everyone is very excited about the grand future of Downtown Auburn Hills, and we hope you are too!

These goals, in conjunction with the goals and objectives of Auburn Hills City Council and Tax Increment Finance Authority make for exciting changes in the Downtown. They help guide projects and developments in the area and serve as a basis for visualizing and generating a successful and thriving Downtown district.  We would love to hear what your ideas are for the Downtown Auburn Hills!  Comment and tell us what you would like to see in your community.


Samantha Mariuz, Management Assistant

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