Be Prepared!

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

This motto of the Boy Scouts could be the slogan of a new retail store coming soon to Auburn Hills…Manny’s Survival Store.  The owner/operator, Manuel Rodriguez, hopes the business will be in its location at 2043 N. Opdyke in about a month.  The store will be all about emergency preparedness.


Some of the supplies for sale will be a water filter that can turn any type of water into drinkable water and lasts 10 years.  There will be storage foods that can be ready for 25 years.  If the power grid goes out, a solar generator can power up your property.  My two favorites are the “Get Outta Dodge” bag (to store what you need if you’re forced to leave your house) and the “Get Home” bag (to keep in your car and enable you to make your way home in an emergency situation.)


Mr. Rodriguez states that about 80% of Americans believe they need some type of emergency preparedness but hardly anyone follows through.  When it opens, Manny’s Survival Store will have everything you need to “Be Prepared.”