Steering Companies In The Right Direction

Posted by – Stephanie Carroll, Manager of Business Development & Community Relations

The process of retaining and recruiting companies to Michigan can be a little tricky and honestly a bit nerve-racking at times.  There are back and forth discussions with State and County officials, numerous meetings and relationship building that takes place throughout the entire process.  Company location decisions can take weeks or months to finalize.

Last week at the Center for Automotive Research’s seminar in Traverse City, Nexteer Automotive President and COO Laurent Bresson announced that the future home of its global headquarters would be in Auburn Hills.  You can imagine the feeling we get when a company chooses us to be their next home.  There is a certain excitement in knowing that the work our team has done has paid off in terms of bringing more jobs and investment to the area.


In Auburn Hills, we like to make it personal by letting existing and new companies know they are our business partners, not just taxpayers.  Staff will travel to Saginaw next month to meet with those Nexteer employees and their families who will be transferred to Auburn Hills so they can learn about our community and ask any questions.  There is always a little apprehension that exists when people are transferred and we want to assure those who will be coming to work in Auburn Hills that they are in good hands.

High Performance

As the automotive market continues to grow and expand, companies are looking at locations that make sense for them in terms of suppliers, customers and incentives.  Establishing a stand-alone global headquarters facility was a priority for Nexteer Automotive.  They want to build on their already successful brand that will continue the growth of their company. We are thrilled that Nexteer has chosen Auburn Hills as part of their strategic plan for long-term success.