SHARP Serves the Community

Need a little SHARP maintenance for around your house?  

Well it’s a privilege to serve and share my experiences as a volunteer of the Senior Home Assistance Repair Program (SHARP).  I value the opportunity to support others in the community, which puts a smile on my face.  I enjoy giving back to residents in the community, by assisting my “neighbors” with tasks to maintain their “quality of living” in their home.  I truly value the sense of community provided, as “neighbors” help “neighbors”, I feel this program offers to our residents and volunteers. 

Household tasks I’ve helped residents with have included; painting, vacuuming, bagging yard debris, changing batteries in a smoke detector.  Once along with 5 other volunteers, we helped an elderly “neighbor” with an unmanageable over-grown yard cleanup.   We all enjoyed working together as a team, built friendships, shared laughs and accomplished an easy-to-maintain yard for our “neighbor” in the future.  

WHO WE ARE: Volunteers with background checks and training engaged in the Auburn Hills community, who want to help with “quality of life” for senior citizens (over 55), deployed military and disabled residents with minor repairs.  We are partnered with the North Woodard Foundation.

WHAT WE DO: Provide free and confidential labor for eligible tasks of minor repair, which may include but is not limited to: changing furnace filters, changing storm windows, changing light bulbs, light painting, fixing doors; locks, and leaking faucets; and installing smoke alarms and repairing or replacing stair railings moving furniture or light yard work.


1) Residents of Auburn Hills call 248-370-9353 (on-line link for requests) with a minor repair request relatively simple in nature, which do not require the need for a licensed contractor or permit. (Unfortunately, Non-residents do not qualify for assistance)

2) A volunteer will make an appointment with homeowner based on both parties availability to come out to assess:

A) The nature of task

B) Eligibility

C) The supplies you will need to purchase (ex. paint, primer, shingles, nails, etc.)

D) The tools the volunteer will need and if more than one volunteer will be needed.

3) A call to action of tasks is sent out to volunteers for ability and time.

4)  The volunteer will make an appointment based on both parties’ availabilities to perform and complete the tasks.

All supplies must be provided by the applicant; paint, primer, yard bags, nails, etc 

We enjoy giving back to residents of the community and try to accomplish eligible tasks within 30 days.  Based on scope of work and volunteers availability this is not always possible.

SHARP volunteers ready to assist you, our “neighbor”.

Angela River


SHARP Steering Committee


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