New Hydra-Zorb Building Progresses

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

Construction continues on the new 51,109 sq. ft. Hydra-Zorb manufacturing facility at 1751 Summit Drive.

East face of new Hydra-Zorb building on Giddings Rd.

The building’s roof and masonry are already complete and siding will start on October 26th.  The structure is expected to be enclosed within the next four weeks allowing workers to then pour the shop floors.

West end of building under construction

While the weather is expected to remain relatively warm this week, the slab will be poured for the new office area.  Within the next four weeks, some landscaping and the first layer of parking lot asphalt will be installed.

For background on Hydra-Zorb and project information, click here.

Check back for updates on this and other construction projects in Auburn Hills.