The Grass Is The Past

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

Now that we have had our first appreciative snowfall (although, I for one did not appreciate it) it’s time to review the 2015 Weed Abatement Program.  This past summer was very different from previous years in that the amount of properties cut was well under years past.  Last year the City’s contractor cut 99 properties.  This year 76 were abated.

before - no address
Residential properties with grass over 8″ tall receive a violation sticker.  If not cut by the resident / owner within 72 hours, the grass is cut by the City contractor

In May, 130 cases were given notice and 104 owners/residents complied.  This left 15 residential plots to be cut and 11 large vacant (“rough”) cuts were performed.  June had 58 cases with 45 folks complying, nine residential cuts and four rough cuts.  In July the trend continued downward with 32 cases with 9 compliances, eight house cuts and 10 rough.  August had even fewer with 24 cases, 11 complying, six residential cuts and seven vacant lots.  September was very low with only eight cases with three complying.  This left two residential and four vacant lots to cut.  In October – no cases, no cuts.

after - no address

The reduction in cases is undoubtedly due to the major decreases in vacant houses.  In past years, foreclosures left many houses in Auburn Hills without residents.  This naturally led to lawns not being cut until banks could catch up and institute property maintenance.  In addition, I like to think that Auburn Hills residents, new and old, realize what a great City this is and want to do their best to make it the best it can be.  Keep up the good work, folks.