Art In The Park

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

A month or so ago, a hungry beaver snacked on five trees that line the river in River Woods Park.  The trees were badly damaged at the base which rendered them impossible to save as full-grown trees.

Auburn Hills Parks and Recreation Director, Brian Marzolf, worked with City Departments and the Auburn Hills Beautification Advisory Commission (BAC) to pool resources and do something meaningful with the damaged trees, instead of just chopping them down.


The City’s award-winning Riverwalk Master Plan includes the addition of natural art, and other similar points of interest along the Clinton River between Riverside Park and River Woods Park.


With that in mind, the City hired chainsaw artist, Scott Kuefler to transform the trunks into works of art.  The result is a beautiful grouping of wood carvings that reflect the wildlife that lives in and along the Clinton River.


Carved from the tree trunks, a heron, two snapping turtles, a trout and a beaver (which by the way bears a striking resemblance to the beaver that caused all that damage) now line the bank of the river, to be enjoyed by all who visit River Woods Park.


Stop by the park and see for yourself the natural beauty of Auburn Hills.