Golden Grizzlies Almost Win

Junior guard Kay Felder at the charity stripe.

Last night I had the opportunity to catch an OU basketball game as the Golden Grizzlies took on Youngstown St. The Golden Grizzlies trailed for nearly the entire game, but of course I remained true to the hometown team and along with my colleagues who were also at the game, we cheered them on until the bitter end. With just one second remaining on the clock and with a score of 98-98, Youngstown St. scored, edging out OU 100-98. It was a “Community Night” and the City of Auburn Hills and the Auburn Hills City Council were acknowledged on the public address system. Staff was pleased to be joined by Councilman Henry Knight who no doubt enjoyed the game. He may have been one of the loudest voices in the audience as he continued to yell “DEFENSE, GUYS, DEFENSE!” Regardless of the outcome, we still love our GOLDEN GRIZZLIES!!! OU hosts Valparaiso on Friday night at the O’rena. It will be televised on ESPN2 or ESPNU. Tune in if you can’t make it to the game!

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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