MLK Celebration 2016

Otis Newkirk, Karen Adcock, Mayor Kevin McDaniel

On Monday, the Senior Services Department was honored to host the city’s first Martin Luther King Celebration and what a great experience. Guests of all ages and backgrounds from our community, surrounding communities, along with city dignitaries came together to celebrate the great legacy of Dr. King.

The Community Center was the perfect place to host our event as it symbolizes who we are – a community rich in diversity and welcomes all.

The program started out with a welcome by yours truly, and then we shared a tasty luncheon. After lunch, former Councilman Otis Newkirk presented to Mayor Kevin McDaniel a Proclamation from Oakland County Board of Commissioners recognizing our 1st Annual City of Auburn Hills Sr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration.

The American House Choir comprised of over 20 seniors ages 60 -90+ sang several song selections. And the talented Auburn Hills firefighter Rod Wynn also sang a beautiful song selection.

The program ended with Senior Services Program Developer Maxine Butler reading the “I have a Dream” speech. She did a marvelous job considering she filled in at the last minute as our original orator could not be there.IMG_2492.JPG

During the Mayor’s speech he quoted one of Dr. King’s famous quotes The Time is always Right to do Right” and challenged the audience to Commit to Something in honor of Dr. Martin Luther’s King legacy. He went on to say “Commit to making your community a better place for all by helping others whether it be through Meals on Wheels, tutoring a child, helping a neighbor, serving on a board or commission, coaching basketball, the list is endless:.

I thought what a wonderful way to honor Dr. King; “Commit to Something” and help make our community a better place for all.

Overall I would consider this a successful first for us and we are already thinking how we can do even better next year.

Karen Adcock, Senior Services Director


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