Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Training

Lt. Cas Miarka of the Auburn Hills Police Department.

As I stand in the front of a classroom in the University Center in our downtown today introducing Lt. Cas Miarka of the Auburn Hills Police Department, the following headline pops up on my smartphone: “Active shooter reported at Naval Medical Center San Diego”. I was introducing Lt. Miarka to a group of twenty-five individuals who were there to hear him speak on the topic: “Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Training”. The sad reality is that this is increasingly becoming a more regular occurrence in workplaces throughout America. The Auburn Hills Police Department recognizes the importance of this topic as do I as City Manager. We have conducted a few of these training sessions which have all been well attended. The subject matter makes some business leaders uneasy. I understand that. However, I would much rather give my employees the tools to increase their opportunity to survive in one of these tragic incidents than to have them harmed through inaction. I commend Chief Olko and her staff for putting together these outreach programs. They are available to attend by way of periodic offerings through the Chamber of Commerce or we can bring the program right to your place of business.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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