A Tribute to a Colleague

Michael-Young-Rockford-City-Mgr-200x200The community of Rockford, Michigan on the west side of the state is no doubt mourning the loss of their longtime City Manager, Michael Young. Just over a week ago, Michael suffered a stroke and died two days later. He was a mere 48 years old. I was able to listen to a number of media stories about his passing and there is no doubt that Michael, along with his wife and children, were woven into the fabric of that community. He had been with Rockford for more than twenty years. That alone is a testament to his leadership abilities. He was responsible for leading many community efforts and his list of successes are too numerous to mention. I can’t say that I knew Michael very well. I certainly have met him and he was currently the President of the Michigan Local Government Management Association. Our hearts go out to Michael’s family and the many people whose lives he touched. The Rockford community has lost a great City Manager. 

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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