Countdown to Legoland

IMG_1149I had the privilege yesterday of meeting with management staff from Great Lakes Crossing Outlets (GLCO). If you haven’t been there lately, you need to pay it a visit. GLCO is becoming one of the most exciting places to visit with its many offerings, particularly its kid-friendly attractions such as Sea Life Aquarium and the soon-to-open Legoland. I was able to get a behind the scenes sneak-peak today of the new Legoland store, and I have to tell you that it’s even better than I imagined it could be. Let me begin by telling you all of the details about what is happening inside. Oh wait! I can’t do that. I had to swear that I wouldn’t tell anyone about the amazing, super-cool, colorful, dynamic, exciting, fascinating things that you will see when you enter Legoland for the  first time. Sorry, that’s the best I can do right now. But just let your imagination run wild and pretend in your head that it’s one of the most fun places you can visit. And then when it opens in a couple of months, go see it and satisfy your curiosity and know that it’s everything that you imagined.  

For now, all I can share with you is a great photo of the nine meter tall giraffe located outside one of the entrances to GLCO made of 250,000 blocks, signaling the arrival of the Legoland store. In this photo, posing in front of the giraffe is Auburn Hills Mayor Kevin McDaniel, and GLCO General Manager Steve Berlow. Behind them is Sea Life Aquarium, the sister to Legoland, both of which are attractions by Merlin Entertainments. I can’t wait to take my twelve-year-old son Jack to Legoland with me. He’s my excuse to visit it again and again. 

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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