Where Are They Now?

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Last night at our City Council meeting, I was reminded of the importance and impact of providing internships to emerging leaders. About ten years ago, the City began a formalized internship program for students who are in their junior or senior years as undergraduates, or have reached graduate degree levels of education. The program back then included internship opportunities in the areas of marketing, information technology, human resources, and local government management. Since that time, in the last seven or eight years, we have focused on the local government management internship with a position called Management Assistant.

Our hopes are to train individuals to pursue careers in local government in general.  At our City Council meeting last night, our current intern along with two others were in the audience, all there in various capacities. Our current intern, Sam Harris, a senior at Oakland University, was in the Council Chamber in his capacity as Management Assistant for the City of Auburn Hills, a role he will fulfill for one year ending December 31, 2016. Brandon Guest, one of our more recent interns from about three years ago, was presenting a new senior adult resort living community on behalf of Moceri Companies to be built in the City starting this year. Brandon had a lot of interest in economic development while he was with the City and after working on some projects with the Moceri Companies in the course of his internship, they hired him. Last night he represented his company well.  Kevin Lao, a marketing intern from the very early years of our internship program, around nine years ago, came back last night as a representative from Google, to present the City with an award from Google as Michigan’s 2015 eCity. It was unusual to have three interns, current and past, in one room all at the same time and all in capacities related to City business. I am proud of all three of them and for the achievements they have already accomplished and those for which they have not yet achieved. 

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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