When You Manage an International Business Community…

image0011When you work for Auburn Hills, you have the pleasure of being introduced to many cultures.  Our City has companies doing business here from thirty-two countries.  On Monday, March 14, 2016, Oakland County Economic Development hosted a Japanese delegation that was visiting our state.  We had the privilege of that delegation making two stops in our community.  The first stop was at a Japan-based company that has made a significant investment in our community, that company being Hirotec-America.  The Chairman and CEO, Mr. Uno, was a gracious host to all of us who visited his company that day.  He proudly introduced our Japanese visitors to his company and the work that they do.  I was pleased to have been included in the visit by way of an invitation from Oakland County.  After completing our time at Hirotec, we made our way over to Oakland University, our second stop in the City.  There we were greeted by Dr. Louay Chamra, Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science.  Dean Chamra has been a great partner with the City and we communicate with him regularly to discuss opportunities for OU students and graduates at many of the companies within Auburn Hills.  After a roundtable discussion and a brief tour of the Engineering building, the delegation was on its way.  Many thanks to Hirotec-America, Oakland University, and Oakland County for allowing us to participate in the delegation visit.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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