A Deep Bench

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You’ve likely heard this metaphor used in the sports world to describe a team that has a lot of talent at its disposal. Not only are there talented players on the field, floor, or ice, but there is also a lot of talent on the bench that can be called on at any time to step up and perform. Well, the Auburn Hills team has a very deep bench. The depth of our bench was certainly demonstrated this winter when the staff at the DPW stepped up and assisted in updating the restaurant at Fieldstone Golf Club. With the change to a new food vendor at Fieldstone beginning in spring of 2016, we felt the time was right to update and rebrand the restaurant. Thursday, March 17th will mark the grand opening of the new Arrowhead Grille (a tie back to the original golf course name). 

These updates and rebranding efforts would not have been possible without the ability of our deep bench to perform beyond their typical duties. Throughout the winter staff worked on changes which included things like new lighting, paint, flat screen TVs, and new granite countertops in the restrooms. All of this work was accomplished using a combination of in-house and contracted workers, taking advantage of whichever option was more cost effective. This specific type of work is not unusual for our DPW staff and we consider this a normal part of their duties. However, the changes to Arrowhead Grille went a little further and this is where the depth of our bench was on full display. The interior feel and motif of the restaurant has also been significantly changed. With a little help from our design team in the City Manager’s office, the DPW staff was able to reuse some salvaged barn boards from a dilapidated 1880s era barn they recently disassembled at Hawk Woods Nature Center. These salvaged boards were used to create several “pieces of art” that now anchor the new atmosphere created in Arrowhead Grille. They truly are pieces of art and the staff at the DPW should be very proud of the outcome. I recommend you make a trip out to Fieldstone Golf Club for a round of golf and/or a great meal from our new food service provider, Crank’s Catering. While you are there, you can enjoy the new surroundings brought to you by a very deep bench of talent.

Special thanks to the following Auburn Hills employees for providing a deep bench.

Kyle Scislowicz

Jessica Smith

Jeff Herczeg

Gordon Marmion

Nelson Cox

Dave Slater

Jason Beckman

Eric Kaczor

Terry Barnett

Aaron See

Jimmy Hanson

Steve Devos

Don Grice, Assistant City Manager


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