Medical Main Street Open House

blogphotoLast Wednesday, the Economic Development team from Oakland County held an excellent event highlighting companies in the health care and life science industries. Those in attendance were able to hear a panel of executives from those industries speak about the changes and innovations in health care and life science companies.

An Auburn Hills company, IPT, was in attendance. During the course of our discussion with IPT, which stands for Infection Prevention Technologies, we learned many interesting facts regarding the technology they are developing. Above is a picture of the technology, called IRiS. IRiS is a high powered and high strength UV tool that effectively eliminates bacteria and other germs from a hospital room. First, the device is rolled into a patient room or surgical suite. The room is then sealed shut and the product is activated remotely. Once activated IRiS can disinfect surfaces in a patient or operating room in 30 minutes. The UV light is so strong that it can even disinfect surfaces not directly facing the light. IRiS can even determine the distance between itself and an object and alter the strength of the UV light. This fascinating technology has been developed and tested since 2009 right here in Auburn Hills!

Oakland County is renowned for its business community, and Auburn Hills is proud of the innovation coming from businesses just like IPT here in our city!

Sam Harris, Management Assistant


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