The United Nations Of Auburn Hills

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

A couple of business buzz phrases these days are “global economy” and “multi-national corporations”.  Auburn Hills reflects those concepts throughout its corporate and business entities.  From Fiat-Chrysler to Takata Corporation, many international corporations have locations in this city.

One graphic example of this internationalism is the display of national flags in front of local corporate buildings.  For example:

Photo 1 Rigaku

Rigaku at 1900 Taylor flies the Japanese flag, along with the U.S. and Michigan state flags.

Photo 2 Denmark - no lp

Syncreon at 2551 High Meadow has the interesting combination of the Irish and Danish flags.

Photo 3 China Germany

Henniges at 2750 High Meadow has the best collection.  Included are the banners of Canada, China, Philippines, U.S., Germany and Mexico.  (When the photo was taken they were at half-staff due to the terrorist attack in Brussels the day before.)

Photo 4 USA

My favorite, however, is the largest flag I’ve seen in Auburn Hills, the Stars and Stripes in front of RGIS at 2000 Taylor.

Flying these international flags is one way Auburn Hills can salute the many nations that contribute to the commerce of the city and the nation.