Happy Birthday Mr. Knight

H Knight

We are blessed to share our work life with a man who has been actively involved in the Auburn Hills community for decades.  Henry Knight has served on the Auburn Hills City Council for years, and has served on many other Committees, Commissions and Boards for the City.  He is an active supporter of the community in many other ways, such as being on the Board of the Pontiac Schools Promise Zone and an active member of the Morning Optimist Club, to name just a couple.  Henry has a heart of gold and you might say he is the unofficial Historian on City Council.  Henry can tell you how things came to be based on past decisions and amazingly, he can get into details about such things as soil conditions at various development sites because he knows what used to be there.  Henry and his wife Claire moved into Auburn Hills in the 1950’s where they raised their family.  They are truly weaved into the fabric of this community.  Today, Henry turns 85 and the City of Auburn Hills is lucky to have him as part of the leadership of the community.  Happy Birthday Henry and God Bless You!  We can’t wait to celebrate your 90th with you.

Tom Tanghe, City Manager

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