Breathe Easy

Posted by – Stephanie Carroll, Manager of Business Development & Community Relations

A lot of our companies have really great stories to tell.   During the economic downturn, diversification efforts were picking up speed as local manufacturers switched gears from motors to medical devices in the hopes of refueling and pumping new life into Michigan’s manufacturing sector.

Staff had the wonderful opportunity to visit Oxus America, Inc. today to learn more about their business.  Oxus was born from automotive engineers who were working for Delphi about ten years ago.  They decided to take what was in a product development and research phase at Delphi to its own market.

breathe easy 2
Gary Abusamra, President & Managing Director (left) with Director of Sales & Marketing, Tim Hatt

Oxus develops and manufactures Portable Oxygen Concentrators for individuals who require a supplemental supply of oxygen due to various health concerns.  It was fascinating to hear about regulations and new technologies that are being developed by Oxus.

They have been located in Auburn Hills for about two years and are working to grow their already successful business.  Their work has been focused on getting those who are usually burdened by a heavy oxygen system to a more portable and convenient system.

These types of meetings are very beneficial and offer us valuable insight into the companies and often times allows us to serve as a resource.  We wish Oxus America continued success!